Tinkergarten Leader Certification Fee

As part of check out for your certification fee, please use the drop-down to select your t-shirt size. That will help us make sure that you get the size you really want. Note that we currently offer unisex sizes only. If you need a maternity shirt, please reach out to us at leader.support@tinkergarten.com

Your leader certification fee includes the cost of the new leader certification course, which prepares you to be an active Tinkergarten Leader and grants you access to all of the tools, information and ongoing support you need to successfully lead Tinkergarten® classes.

Once you complete the course, you will receive the new leader starter kit of materials—a giant box filled with supplies you will use in every class you lead. Each season, you will also, automatically, receive a shipment of the supplemental materials you will need to lead that season's curriculum.

$ 299.00